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  • SMSF Borrowing – ATO imposes stricter guidelines

    SMSF Borrowing – ATO imposes stricter guidelines

    Self-managed super funds (SMSF) have until 30 June 2016 to conform to the ATO’s new rules on related- party loans. A guidance paper released by the Tax Office stated that related-party loans e.g. family trusts or private companies to SMSFs now must be at interest rates of 7.75 per cent for shares and 5.75 per cent […]

  • Alternatives to building your nest egg

    Alternatives to building your nest egg

    The prospect of putting less into superannuation has prompted many Australians to start looking for other ways to boost their retirement savings. Jumping on the offensive by seeking out other tax-effective ways to increase retirement savings isn’t always easy, with complications such as fees, administration and confusing terminology attached to saving outside of super. Nonetheless, […]

  • CGT withholding regime

    CGT withholding regime

    An introduction of a 10 per cent non- final  withholding tax on payments made to foreign residents that dispose of specific taxable Australian property will come into effect from 1 July 2016. The new legislation will impact on any property transaction where the purchase price is more than $2 million. The withholding regime will apply […]

  • Super boost for business owners

    Super boost for business owners

    Changes announced in the 2016 Federal Budget grant small business owners the right to use the sale of their business to contribute more to their super than the introduced $500,000 lifetime after-tax contribution cap. As the small business retirement exemption will continue, small business entities can contribute up to $500,000 of sale proceeds into their superannuation in […]

  • Insurance traps in your super

    Insurance traps in your super

    Insurance arrangements in super can create a few surprise outcomes for members who leave big superannuation funds to start their own self-managed super fund yet leave a portion in their old fund. Members need to be wary of the traps that can cause a loss of cover. As insurance is a complex financial product members […]

  • Federal Budget 2016

    Federal Budget 2016

    SMALL BUSINESS This year’s Federal Budget is based on a ten-year enterprise tax plan designed to stimulate more small business activity by boosting new investment, creating jobs and increasing real wages. One of the key features of this plan is that the small business entity annual turnover threshold will be increased from $2 million to […]

  • Splitting assets when couples part

    Splitting assets when couples part

    There are both legal and tax implications to be considered when former partners in an SMSF decide to split after the breakdown of the relationship. It is possible to transfer assets, such as property, from one super fund into another; however, there are four things individuals need to consider: Separating couples need to work out […]

  • Reverse Mortgages

    Reverse Mortgages

    Even though reverse mortgages can help fund a comfortable retirement, retirees should consider all aspects of this potentially life- changing financial decision. A financial dilemma that is increasingly being shared by Australia’s ageing baby boomer generation is finding a way to fund a comfortable retirement lifestyle, without having to sell the family home. One solution is […]

  • Refreshing your finances for 2016

    Refreshing your finances for 2016

    Even though managing your financial affairs should be a year- round activity, the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to get your financial house in order. A fresh new year is a great point in time to start planning out and monitoring your financial and tax affairs for the year ahead. Even though individuals […]

  • Using the re-contribution strategy

    Using the re-contribution strategy

    The re-contribution strategy can be utilised to reduce the taxable portion of your superannuation benefits passed onto your beneficiaries following the death of an SMSF member. Superannuation benefits  in an SMSF are categorised into tax-free and taxable components. A re-contribution strategy works by withdrawing  a large sum of superannuation from a member’s fund and a re-contribution of […]

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