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  • Government passes ‘fairer’ super changes

    Government passes ‘fairer’ super changes

    The Australian Government has recently passed what it is calling the ‘most comprehensive suite of superannuation reforms in a decade.’ The reforms include the introduction of a $1.6 million transfer balance cap, which places a limit on the amount an individual can transfer into the tax- free earnings retirement phase and the introduction of the Low […]

  • ATO releases new Taxation Determination

    ATO releases new Taxation Determination

    The ATO has provided further guidance regarding limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) and when non-arm’s length income (NALI) rules apply to a related party LRBA. The Tax Office recently released a Taxation Determination (TD 2016/16) and updated its Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG 2016/5) to provide further clarification concerning the circumstances where a self-managed super fund (SMSF) […]

  • Adding children to a Super fund

    There are financial benefits to including children in a super fund, such as the increased pool of assets created over time that can allow for a greater diversification of assets. Parents may also choose to invite their children to join their super fund as it allows them to provide their children with a financial education on […]

  • Federal Budget: Super shake-up

    Federal Budget: Super shake-up

    This year’s Federal Budget saw a raft  of changes to superannuation with introduced measures intended to improve the sustainability and integrity of Australia’s superannuation system. The following measures were announced, including: Introducing a $1.6m transfer balance cap There will be a $1.6 million superannuation transfer balance cap on the total amount of super that individuals can […]

  • Benefits of franking credits

    Benefits of franking credits

    Dividend franking turns 30 in 2017. Despite this, many are unfamiliar with the benefits franking credits can bring, especially to SMSFs. SMSF trustees who invest in Australian shares can benefit from franking credit refunds which can offset the fund’s expenses, such as tax payable. A franking credit, also known as an imputation credit, is the amount […]

  • Incentives for greater super flexibility

    Incentives for greater super flexibility

    The Budget has introduced a series of incentives to provide Australians with more choice and access to superannuation to help enjoy retirement. The Government has recognised the current system offers limited flexibility for modern work patterns such as those who work part-time, take time out of work or have ‘lumpy’ income in which they make no […]

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